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In a time where uncertain new developments follow each other too quickly. Where techniques from the past, which we’ve always relied on, do not prove to be adequate or even are unsafe. I present an institute that gives direction to the new ways of generating and using energy. Harvesting energy, but also storing and transporting energy, gets a prominent place in our daily lives.

The building symbolizes the emotional history of deep, fractured shale formations in Groningen. A small part of the shale has been brought to human measure and can be entered in real life.

When one enters the cavities in the shale layers it’s not gas what they uncover. It’s an extensive collection of new techniques to generate and store energy.

Visitors are welcome at the institute to get inspiration and new ideas. School classes get guided tours to prepare the youngest generation for the new energy era. And companies and entrepreneurs from the region get the tools to interpret it in their company. Everyone can participate, the knowledge institute is connected to a large network of local residents. Farmers commit themselves as energy farmers, each in their own way and scale.

We get ready for the future. With the right effort we can make the whole region self-sufficient. The knowledge institute is locally an employer, a regional energy supplier and a national example. Globally it has the sphere of influence to positively promote new inventions in the field of energy.

As a memory of the old, the building stands proudly in the open field. It marks a turning point in mentality. On the one hand it painfully reminds one of the eventful past of gas-dependent Netherlands. It’s also a sign of hope. Future generations will grow up here with a new mindset and face a bright future.